Podcast Episodes – Season 2

S2E13 Darth Nihilus

The padawans travel back in time to discuss one of the strongest Sith from the Old Republic era of Star Wars, Darth Nihilus! How strong is too strong? And how can Disney bring back the Old Republic into canon?

S2E12 The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Heiress Review

Join the padawans as they discuss this weeks spectacular episode of the Mandalorian as they bring back guest star Nate. Nate will be joining us as a special Mandalorian consultant for the rest of our specials. We analyze what Bo Katan’s role will be in the rest of the season as we discuss Mando’s quest for a familiar name.

S2E11 Alexsandr “Agent” Kallus

The padawans talk about Agent Kallus and his story arc throughout rebels. Matt’s wife Beth special guest stars on the episode to discuss her opinions and views on Kallus. Please tune in to hear what the padawans and their guest have to say about this enthralling character.

S2E9 The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger Review

The padawans discuss the next Mandolorian episode. They cover topics on the development of the child and Mandos relationship and the fascinating scenes on the ice planet. Tune in to listen about the interesting facts of the episode.

S2E9 Chewbacca

The padawans at the WJP: Wannabe Jedi Podcast talk about one of the most prominent characters in the Star Wars universe. They cover enlightening information on Chewie’s family and his life. From the Star Wars Holiday Special, to Rise of Skywalker, the journey of Chewie was a long one! Tune in to hear their tangents on Chewbacca!

S2E8 The Mandalorian Chapter 9 – The Marshall Review

The padawans bring back their specials by reviewing The Mandalorian’s first episode of Season 2. We discuss The Krayt Dragon, The Sand People & of course Boba Fett.

S2E7 Mother Talzin

S2E6 Wedge Antilles

S2E5 Aurra Sing

S2E4 Mace Windu


S2E2 Count Dooku

S2E1 Rey Skywalker