Podcast Episodes – Season 3

He’s a droid, he’s a translator, he’s GOLDEN ROD! The padawans discuss C3P0 with the latest episode. 3P0 has had a profound impact on Star Wars and the fandom as a whole. We talk about the beginnings of Golden Rod and Where and if he will return again!
We bring back a friend of the show Alberto to discuss Zeb, the beloved character from Star Wars Rebels. We discuss the history of Zeb’s species, The Lasat. And how he helped saved the rebellion!
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The Padawans discuss the Second Sister from primarily the video game Jedi Fallen Order. We talked about her impact as a villain to many Jedi and specifically Cal Kestis.
The first episode of our Bad Batch review has started! With Matt unable to record, Josh brings in long-time friends Carlos and Nate. We discuss the episode Aftermath in-depth; having various theories on the plot at hand. Tune in on Patreon to listen to the rest of the series specials! Support us on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/wannabejedipodcast
The Padawans discuss the former First Order stormtrooper turned resistance leader, Finn. We talk about the unique path he took and how he has impacted the Star Wars universe and fandom!
The Padawans discuss our favorite Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar. We go in-depth (get the pun?) with his life and his military tactics. What secrets will we uncover underneath the surface? Tune in and find out!
The Padawans discuss the battle droid commander – General Grievous with the latest episode. We look at his role within the clone wars, Revenge of the Sith as well as some alternate endings for the character which would make funny moments within the Star Wars Universe.
The Padawans discuss the infamous Jar Jar Binks with special guest Robin! The lovable Gungan won the hearts of many off the screen. We examine the clumsy individual and discuss Jar Jar’s lasting impact on Star Wars. 
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The Padawans are joined by Andrew from the Outer Rim Reads podcast to talk about the notorious Grand Admiral Thrawn. We cover the significant moments in his career along with our favorite scenes and character interactions! How do the Padawans think Thrawn will appear next? Tune in to find out
The Padawans talk about, arguably, the two of the galaxy’s most hated characters. They dive deep into Pong Krell, Ziro, and an additional unique character, discussing their background and feeling towards them. Make sure to check out all our social media’s, website (merch), and our Patreon for bonus content monthly!
The Padawans are joined by Ian, a long time listener and friend of the show! They dive deep into Fives and what it means to be a Clone and the impact they all had on us! Make sure to check out all our social media’s and our Patreon for bonus content monthly!
The Padawans finish their discussion on the great Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. They go in-depth starting after Empire Strikes Back & concluding with The Rise of Skywalker. With plenty of laughs, memories and good conversations along the way!
The Padawans have returned! They start season 3 with the most well known (and arguably loved) character in the Star Wars Galaxy… Luke Skywalker. Follow along as they examine the infamous Jedi’s life as well as some special surprises!