Podcast Episodes – Season 1

S1E25 25th Episode Special

Thanks for all the support through our first season of the Wannabe Jedi Podcast. We will be taking a short hiatus but will be back with new Star Wars characters to discuss with Season 2!

S1E24 Han Solo

The Padawans discuss Han Solo in their final character episode of the season. They look at how Han Solo has shaped the Star Wars Universe during the Original Trilogy, Sequels as well as the standalone films!

S1E23 Captain Rex

The Padawans discuss everyone’s favorite clone! Where will Captain Rex appear next in the Star Wars Universe? Maybe the Bad Batch Series? Listen and find out!

S1E22 Sheev Palpatine

The biggest bad guy in all of Star Wars. Darth Sidious, Sheev, Mr Palpatine! The Padawans take a look at the how the Jedi Order and balance to the force was made through Palpatine and how he shaped the whole Skywalker saga.

S1E21 Darth Revan

Our First Star Wars The Old Republic character review! What better way for the Padawans to learn about the Sith code than through Darth Revan. The Jedi told us not to but who can resist the temptation of the dark side of the force! Plus his lightsabers are pretty cool.

S1E20 Ezra Bridger

The biggest bad guy in all of Star Wars. Darth Sidious, Sheev, Mr Palpatine! The Padawans take a look at the how the Jedi Order and balance to the force was made through Palpatine and how he shaped the whole Skywalker saga.

S1E19 Dryden Vos

The Padawans have special guest Alberto from the Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast on the show. We look at Dryden Vos from Solo: A Star Wars Story, the crime syndicates and what we would like to see for Solo 2 and future Crime films within the Star Wars Universe.

S1E18 Yoda

We discuss Yoda’s name, the force, and Baby Yoda in depth while looking at how the character has shaped the Star Wars Universe!

S1E17 Kanan Jarrus

The Padawans are joined by the Followers of the Force podcast and discuss one of our favorite Jedi knights within Star Wars!

S1E16 Darth Maul

The Padawans have their first guest Jedi! Their friend Ricky joins us to discuss symbolism, Darth Maul, Star Wars as a whole, and the Clone Wars.

S1E15 Hera Syndulla

The Padawans discuss their love for the Star Wars Rebel character, Hera Syndulla. Also a part of this episode, they look at the new Lego Star Wars video game and potential future shows! Listen all the way through for a special announcement!

S1E14 Captain Phasma

The Padawans had an awesome May the 4th with multiple specials! But now it’s back to our normally scheduled Star Wars content. We look at Captain Phasma and where her story could be improved!

S1E13 SPECIAL: Victory and Death

The end of an era. What a beautiful way to end it too. Join the padawans as the discuss the final episode of Clone Wars and what it will mean for Ahsoka in the future!

S1E12 R2D2 – May The 4th Special

Happy Star Wars Day! Hope you all enjoy listening to the episode as the Padawans discuss R2. Let us know what you think!

S1E11 SPECIAL: Shattered Review

The Padawans have fun discussing how right they were about the Shattered Episode! Drop a rating & review!!

S1E10 Jyn Erso

The Padawans look heavily at the Jyn Erso books and how this expands the Star Wars Universe! Make sure to rate and review!

S1E9 SPECIAL: Phantom Apprentice Review

The Padawans discuss how the Phantom Apprentice episode of The Clone Wars has some very specific callbacks about another Star Wars film…

S1E8 The Mandalorian – Din Djarin

The Padawans discuss one of their favorite characters to come from the Disney Era! Drop a rating and review after you listen!

S1E7 SPECIAL: Old Friends Not Forgotten Review

The Padawans change up the format and review the latest episode of The Clone Wars! Let us know how you like the format!

S1E6 Cad Bane

The Padawans have a theory on how Cad Bane might appear in an upcoming Star Wars TV Show…

S1E5 Cal Kestis

The Padawans have a fun discussion on Cal Kestis and all Star Wars video games as a whole!

S1E4 Sabine Wren

The Padawans get lost in discussing Sabine and all the future shows she might appear in!

S1E3 Asajj Ventress

Josh & Matt discuss Ventress and their love for one of the best female characters in all of Star Wars!

S1E2 Poe Dameron

Matt & Josh discuss Poe in depth while looking at all sequel trilogy, comics & Resistance show!

S1E1 Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Padawans discuss Obi-Wan Kenobi in depth for their first podcast episode. Tune in to see what mysteries they uncover!